Should I Tell Him I Love Him?

Do you wonder if you should tell him you love him? Has he shared how he feels about you with you? Are you anxiously waiting for him to express his feelings to you? If you have been dating someone for a few weeks, expecting them to express their feelings for you, is simply not realistic.

When you are beginning a relationship with someone who you really feel connected to, you may feel the urge to put your feelings out there in the hope that it will give him the encouragement he needs to tell you he loves you. You hope that telling him you love him, will speed up the development of your relationship, getting to the commitment stage as quick as possible.

Well we will warn you that telling him you love him, or how you feel about him and your connection, is probably not the greatest of ideas. There are big risks involved when putting it all out there before it is time. On the other hand, you may think… since he has not yet told me how he feels about me, I will just tell him I love him, what have I got to lose…? HIM!

Should I Tell Him I Love Him

Should I Tell Him I Love Him?

First of all, he may not have acknowledged to himself how he feels about you. He may just be meandering along, enjoying your company and the development of your relationship. When you present him with your emotions, he may very well find it difficult, and uncomfortable, to articulate those feelings to you because he has not really been around you long enough yet to let down his guard, and open up emotionally. Telling him you love him, prematurely, could very well cause him to put up his walls and run and hide his head in the sand. It could also cause him to end the relationship.

How does he treat you? Does he show you he cares about you by spending time with you? Does he call or text daily? Does he make plans to do things with you? Does he hang out with you when you have to babysit your niece and nephew? Is he investing time and energy into getting to know you?  Since his actions are showing you he is interested in you, and that he does care for you, why not wait for him to open up and talk about his feelings?

You may need to look at your own motives for why you want him to tell you he loves you. If it is just to satisfy your own insecurity and impatience, maybe you should learn to deal with those feelings first. Perhaps you feel insecure because you don’t know how he feels about you. If so, find way to address and deal with your insecurity, because it will need to be addressed at some point, for any relationship to be successful.

Don’t allow your own impatience to ruin a new relationship just because you don’t know how he feels about you. Moving too fast can be the kiss of death to a relationship. Give it time to develop. Give it time to grow. Get to know each first, before you start emotionally investing in each other. What’s the rush anyway?

Originally posted on 07/12/2020 @ 5:52 PM

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